Hot Artificial Grass for garden as natural as real grass
Hot Artificial Grass for garden as natural as real grass

NO. 1 Artificial Grass Quality Guarantee



Artificial Grass product features:


(1) High precision simulation of the real grass,
(2 )High color fastness and brightness; 
(3) Good drainage effect, 
(4) Low slip resistance and good uvioresistant. 
(5) High wearing resistance, canmprove ground utilization
(6) The installation is easy and maintenance is simple.
(7) Suitable for various of weather and can be used all the time.



NO. 2 Product Apperance

(1) From ordinary regular quadrilateral type yarn into a unique no edges and corners 

as featured on the artificial grass, without the scratching handsto feel softer, 

more smooth and comfortable.



 synthetic turf AAG-LCQDS25-4 13600 (2).JPG



(2) Artificial grass Bottom is covered with a specially formulated adhesive PU.Making better inflow surrounded pinhole. After drying curing, the connection between the 

pile and the bottom becomes more firmly, pullout strength than ordinary gum higher 

than 30%, and the bottom is bright and clean and no cracks.


 synthetic turf AAG-LCQDS25-4 13600 (9).JPG



(3) Colors derived from natural elements then develop double color straight yarn mix 

double color curled yarn, make artificial grass more realistic and high simulation 

looks better than natural effect.


 synthetic lawn AAG-LCQDS25-4 13600 (5).JPG



(4) Because of the artificial grass unique sense of light velvet, it  can improve 

30% of the elasticity. with high tenacity yarn of grass,  when the foot is planted 

feel good flexibility.


 synthetic lawn AAG-LCQDS25-4 13600 (4).JPG


 (5) because of synthetic turf unique sense of light velvet, it  can improve 30%

of the elasticity. with high tenacity yarn of grass,  when the foot is planted feel 

good flexibility.


 synthetic turf AAG-LCQDS25-4 13600 (9).JPG



NO. 3 Product Parameter


The specification of synthetic turf / artificial grass   :



Model AAG-LCQDS25-4     
Pile height 25 MM Gauge 3/8 Inch
Yarn material Chinese Straight&Curled PE Stich rate 130 stitches/M
Yarn court 12500 DTEX Weight 2.3-2.4kg/SQM
Basic cloth 2 PP or Net + SBR Glue Turf density 13600 Turfs/SQM
Width 4 or 2 m  Package Black/white  PP bag
Length Normally 25m or Need. Applications Football field,garden,balcony
Yarn color Four colors Supplement 5kg sand/SQM(or not filling)
Quantity in container:
2200SQM/20 Container,4400SQM/40 Container,5000SQM/40 High Container.




 NO. 4 Artiifcial Grass Cooperation Customer

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NO. 5 Artificial Grass Production & Packaging





NO. 6 Auxiliary Materials of artificial grass





NO. 7 Construction Technology

---We have a professional artificial grass construction team, can provide the professional guidance to you.




NO. 8: Landscaping grass project Completion Photos




NO. 9 Product Certificate for synthetic grass

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NO. 10 Scope of Business






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