Construction requirements for the foundation of the Guangzhou artificial turf

Time:2016-04-06 10:24:25        Author:Aojian


Scheme two, artificial turf asphalt base
1. Flatness: foundation should have a certain strength and stability, based products can not crack and the frozen caused by uneven frost, flatness qualification rate in more than 95%, 3 meters ruler error 3mm.
2 degrees: <1% slope transverse, longitudinal <1%, <4% of the high jump, the surface should be flat to ensure smooth drainage.
3 strength and stability:
It is best to use the asphalt base without wax, or with a few asphalt materials, the asphalt mixture must be fully compacted. The uniform surface smooth solid, no crack, no broken edge pile, pitted surface, smooth seam. Asphalt concrete surface layer of gravel size is 2 - 5mm, oil content was 5.8 - 6.4%, the joint layer of gravel particle size of 6 -- 9 mm, containing 4.6 - 5.8%, no weak skin, no loose topsoil, wave etc. phenomenon.
4 row: water drainage system in the rain after two hours must be discharged water.

5 maintenance period: basic maintenance period of 28 days.

artificial turf


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