Prince Ali Chinese congratulates Football Forum like President Xi outstanding contribution

Time:2016-02-01 09:30:14        Author:Aojian


(Sports Pioneer) sponsored by the development of sports (China Football Forum (Football SummitChina) held in the grand Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong. The forum received a strong support from the Asian Football Development Program and the Chinese football association. FIFA vice president,Jordan's Prince Ali Hussein before the specially located from theUKoffice sent a video section of congratulations, expressed the earnest hope to the Chinese soccer, and three times praised Xi Jinping, chairman of the Chinese football development made outstanding contributions.

Industry needs of youth football very much support the kin Aojian football field turf football in China Summit Forum held; Chinese football development, no matter is in the football star training site expansion is very necessary; Aojian company specializing in the production of artificial grass and products at home and abroad customers stare, and Aojian football field turf company's newly launched a free filling artificial turf both in human and material resources are greatly reduced the construction brings trouble, and no filling artificial turf without stimulating smell, health and environmental protection in line with the development of the times, only to keep up with the pace of the times, and beyond it, walk in the front can not be social eliminated!

artificial turf


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