we specialized in researching, manufacturing, selling and servicing grass,As one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China, we have most advanced tufting machines , back coating machine, which can almost produce all the specifications of artificial grass existed in the market for football or landscape.
  • artificial turf for landscaping
  • landscape artificial grass
  • football artificial grass
  • football artificial turf
  • football artificial grass
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30mm lawn artificial grass great unti-uv

Flame-retardant,UV resistant ,Envir...

Best quality soccer synthetic grass football turf

Flame-retardant,Great UV resistant ...

2016 Latest Non-filling football artificial grass carpet

Lastest grass in 2016,Very High den...

Soccer Artificial Grass FIFA 2

Holland imported Thiolon PE,Safe an...

Football Turf artificial grass Imported from Holland

High quality,imported Thiolon PE,Fl...

outdoor artificial grass carpet for skiing

Excellent UV-stability, environment...

Hot Artificial Grass for garden as natural as real grass

Anti-UV grass,natural looking,soft ...

36mm landcape grass Artificial turf for sale

soft, beautiful color,Anti-uv,high ...

AAG artificial turf
AAG Artificial grass

Tel: 86 20 89118366
86 20 34005326
Mobile: 86 13660111959
Website: www.artificialgrass-china.com/
E-mail: aojian168@aojiansports.cn

No. 251, Diejing Road,

South Guangzhou Avenue.

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China ISO9001 certification
The trademark registration certificate of Aojian
The artificial grass CE certification of Aojian
IAAF approved certificate
The artificial grass test report
The artificial grass test report of Aojian
The artificial grass test report of Aojian
rubber runway coil test report
rubber runway coil test report